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She always had that effect on me. Several ancient oak trees can be seen on each side of the road.

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John's Hospital pronounced the verdict. Ram was terminally ill with Esophageal cancer.


Each child is a store house of ideas. They can make impossible happen. A dismal morning lending a dark, somber hue to the surroundings! From then on it was a steady race downwards to self destruction.

American Women's Literature, 1847 to 1922 - Various - General Fiction, Short Stories - 2/6

And indeed it was a lovely house. A dream house. There was a crowd in the Sub-Registrar Office, Pavanpur town. Bhargavi got down at the station. The students patiently listened to the lecture on Shakspear's 'Macbeth'. Above that it was Monday morning the hardest one to get up and go for work. Catherine Wormwood visited their home to see Lucy. On the very day, Mr. For last two months he was after my hubby dearest to get him a new cycle.

Our office location in this street is obscured to people. Praveen was in a hurry.

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Ray enters. As regards him, he loved being with me, though I could never understand why. I saw it in his eyes … Long-Ago- contd. Sumi, as always, was waiting near the verandah of her house. She was walking left and right; and then sat for some time. Will I see her again? Would I be able to display my feelings towards her? Not yup. The day was approaching towards an end. The rosy color had filled the sky and the sunset had its own transitional beauty. Undoubtedly, he was her child and she was married.

My brother was attending school. Back to Page 1 of the story A memory from his early years in teaching floated up. He rushed and pulled her arm. She looked towards him wondering what … Silent Love - contd.. I was named Ramanuj, but grandma always called me Ramu. Arjun was packing up his stuffs getting ready to board his train from Bangalore to Chennai for his summer vacation. Gita also got up as the sun rays brightened up her room. Nobody to bother her or keep her under surveillance as they always did earlier.

It was unusually wintery for February. His enormous wealth, palatial house, luxurious car plus servants at his beck and call made him think so. Did even Samir feel the change in their life in the last few weeks.. A feeling … My girlfriend wants me to become a Star!

On a rainy day I was sitting at office without having a frame of mind to work. It was one of the best Expresso I ever had. Jaykar was sitting in the balcony, reading the Sunday Times. A miserable figure he seemed,lonely and distant! Bunty could not refuse. Bunty had a lot of respect for Yogida. Go Back to Page 1 of the story After five years, she decided to come back to Bangalore, the place where she always wanted to be. There was a … The Marriage Fiasco-contd It was a respite from the hot months of summer.

A woman's life is tied tightly to a husband not just for this life but for 7 lives to come.

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  8. Is it really … Ranga Mess - continued The house was filled with visitors- some came with genuine concerns, others to mark attendance. Thick, dark clouds hovering over his paddy farm gave him tremendous relief.

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    As a farmer … Music Matters Back to page 1 of Short Story That day Janaki went about her daily chores, with a light heart. In fact the happiness clouded his vision, … Home Coming-continued I was reading the morning news paper which was very fresh. He was everything she had been waiting for. He was not too tall, around her height.

    He was not too fair, he was dusky. Brothers and sisters dancing on the latest bollywood songs preparing for the sangeet. Dad was probably in the next room, searching for her, calling her pet-name, 'Pori'.

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    Its water level receding day by day as the summer heat became harsh. In the nine years as teacher, she had never once been late. Continued from page We all have it in us, to take each day and relationship for granted, to be rest assured that tomorrow would be good. The man had great charisma — very macho, and very prosperous!

    The streets are decorated, lit up for celebrations, zealous crowds on street, loud noises, bright colors of the market area. Over the last few months, an invisible barrier had insinuated itself between them. As usual he had forgotten about it. There had been a lot going on. Though the elections were three months away, the excitement and preparation … If…..

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    Green chandeliers decorated the ceiling. Prita had taken her to her soul. In return she had searched out … The End of My Dreams. The last patient for the evening had left, and my helper was preparing to lock up. The pack was getting nearer and nearer. I told myself it was none of my business her crying in there, … A stranger in my house I told you I ran away from my village. I got into a … Is this Marriage? Mornings would pass by with him making a cup of tea for himself; and in the afternoons, he invariably turned to watch the news.

    This would exterminate … I am also human! The eyes followed her wherever she went. It was scary. She came out to dry the clothes and she could feel the eyes. Dozens of them all watching… watching…..

    “The Stone Boy” by Gina Berriault (1957)

    These days, she felt an unusual kind of loneliness; and understandably so. Mackinson rang. The voice on the other end … Life Begins at Fifty! Suddenly, there was an indication of heavy rain. Time has never passed so slowly. One minute seemed like a year. I was feeling uneasy and restless. K street seem to be in deep slumber, except for the occasional morning walkers who have begun to take strolls with a stick in … An evening that was.. Some moments are meant to be electric.