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Shine: 5 Principles for a Rewarding Life Paperback – January 1, Kris Den Besten is a husband, father, and CEO of a highly successful business in Orlando, Florida. Start reading Shine: 5 Principles for a Rewarding Life on your Kindle in under a minute.
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Life is basically a series of choices you make and manage. In my case, I need to feel physically energetic and attractive as well as emotionally whole to be happy. I need quality time with loved ones to feel like my best self. Lastly, I need financial security to have peace of mind. I use these principles to assess how I contribute to my happiness and success. Every individual makes decisions in different ways. Some of us need encyclopedic pros and cons lists or flowcharts while some of us are more impulsive, opting to leap and address the consequences later.

Or maybe you need to talk it out with close friends.

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Indecision is still a decision. Every habit has three parts: trigger, task, treasure. Simplifying and automating your self-care can come in handy because it takes the trigger or the cue for that self-care habit out of your hands, ensuring that you follow through without worrying about the ebbs and flows of motivation. Over time, you may find that the treasure or reward has shifted and you need to edit these people, places, and activities from your life. Here are some examples of how this approach has allowed me to simplify and in some cases automate my self-care:.

Like many people, I meal prep which does save some time and ensure that I have healthy food.

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I make ginger tea and add fresh squeezed lemon juice and read my daily Shine Text for daily inspiration and aspiration while I drink it. I skim through articles in Nuzzel to read something educational.

My reasoning for excluding these is that they allow me to stay in touch with loved ones which of course is one of my guiding principles. I also limit the number of times that I check email during the day. I use the Google Chrome extension Mixmax to schedule replies when I do check my email. You can cancel anytime during the trial period.

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