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POOL FROG is a hassle-free pool care system that doesn't just kill bacteria but kills bacteria two ways – with FROG minerals and a small amount of chlorine.
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Description Pool Frog's Bac Pac provides pool owners with a way to supply chlorine to their systems slowly and steadily, enabling maximum chlorine effectiveness. Directions Adjust pH level to 7. Bring free available chlorine residual to 1 ppm using a chlorine shock. Stabilize the pool with cyanuric acid stabilizer.

Pool Frog 5400 and 5430 Mineral System Parts

Remove pac colored caps. Hold pac so the open end faces down. Insert into Pool Frog Mineral Reservoir.

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The end of the pac must align with the key located inside the Pool Frog Cycler at the bottom. Do not force.

Pool Frog Mineral System – Pool Supplies – In the Swim

Replace the feeder cap and set the control dial per the size and pump run time of your pool according to the chart in the manual included with the the Pool Frog Mineral Reservoir. It's simple, it's effective, and Frog will likely cost less than your current sanitizing method. The Frog feeder easily installs in your filtered water return line either 1. Frog Features: Includes the feeder, the mineral pac, and flow control pac.

Fights bacteria and prevents algae growth. Makes the water feel softer and look sparkling clean.

Above Ground & In Ground Pools

Cuts down on use of chlorine. Frog's minerals help to keep your pool's water pH balanced. Your family will love the water.