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Finance & Development is published quarterly in English, Arabic, Chinese,. French, Russian, and Spanish by the. International Monetary Fund. English edition.
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I accept. Reports Reports White Papers. Data Collaboration for the Common Good: Enabling Trust and Innovation Through Public-Private Partnerships This report, done in collaboration with McKinsey and Company, represents a year-long effort with business, government, civil society leaders, experts and practitioners to advance public-p Health and Healthcare in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Global Future Council on the Future of Health and Healthcare Scientific and technological advances in medicine promise to transform health and healthcare to become much more connected, precise and democratized, with significantly improved human out Risk Snapshot: Smart Grids A smart tech spending boom in the utility and energy industry has introduced new risks with high costs.

Two Degrees of Transformation Businesses are coming together to lead on climate change.

6th Financial Infrastructure Development Network hosted by the Philippines’ Department of Finance

Will you join them? Improving Infrastructure Financing in Brazil Many governments are finding it difficult to finance the growing demand for essential infrastructure through public funding alone. Advanced Drone Operations Toolkit: Accelerating the Drone Revolution The Advanced Drone Operations Toolkit provides a modular approach for governments to enable societally important and safe drone projects. A New Circular Vision for Electronics, Time for a Global Reboot Rapid innovation and lowering costs have dramatically increased access to electronic products and digital technology, with many benefits.

The unidirectional running from financial development to economic growth supporting supply-side hypothesis and demand-side hypothesis is also true as economic growth Granger causes financial development. The results vary when the study used real liquid liabilities M3 per capita measure of financial development.

The feedback effect is found between financial development and economic growth. Economic growth and financial development Granger cause poverty reduction. In short run, the study finds the bidirectional causality between financial development measured by real domestic credit to private sector per capita and poverty reduction indicated by household final consumption expenditure per capita. The relationship between economic growth and poverty reduction is bidirectional, and feedback hypothesis is validated between financial development and economic growth.

Furthermore, poverty reduction is Granger cause of economic growth and financial development proxies by real liquid liabilities per capita. There is complementary relationship found between economic growth and financial development, i. Diagnostic tests were also applied to test the adequacy of the model specifications.

Intervention by Cardinal Renato R. Martino at the Seminar on Poverty and Globalization

These diagnostic tests suggest that long-run and short-run estimates are free from serial correlation, misspecification of the short-run model, non-normality of the error term and heteroscedasticity. The estimated results confirmed the existence of long-run equilibrium relationship between financial development, economic growth and poverty reduction in Egypt. The results confirm that financial sector development plays a vital role in facilitating economic growth in Egypt.

Governments should remove policies that either unnecessarily impede the ability of banks to design, price and offer loan products or undermine the commercial incentive structure for banks or borrowers. Although analysis of the use of financial services by households suggests that over the longer term, the most dramatic increases in access to financial services are likely to come from demand-side factors such as those associated with improvements in human-capital development, education and income , in the near term, actions can be taken on the supply side to improve access for households.

Specifically, better use could be made of the existing branch networks of state-owned specialized banks to foster access Nasr, It should be said that financial sector development in Egypt should support poverty reduction by broadening the access to financial resources of the poor. Financial development enables poor households to accumulate assets and therefore enables them to increase their future level of income. This suggests that financial development in Egypt, like other countries, would lessen poverty beyond its effect on growth or what is referred to in the literature as trickledown theory.

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Emerging trends in financing for development

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Financing for Development

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Reports from India

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