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Somehow while the Christmas lights and ornaments are sitting in a box in storage, they break or stop working. We kept having to go back to the store and get more, then we got the wrong lights and had to go back again, then we realized we needed one more strand and had to go back AGAIN!

5 Creative DIY Wine Cork Projects | VinePair

This process happens every year. We also discovered a few broken ornaments and somehow we lost our ornament hangers. Something mysterious happens in that Christmas storage box every year.

So if you are missing a few ornaments and need some new ones, make these little wine cork angels. Whether you save your wine corks or not, you can whip up these little guys in a jiffy.

1. A Trivet With a Unique Story

The craft store sells bags of corks just for projects like these! Add your own details to give these angels a little personality. They would be perfect hanging on the tree or added to the outside of a present. While I kept mine neutral, you could definitely experiment with different colors and styles of ribbon! Before adding details on the wooden balls, you will want to cover them with a coat of matte Mod Podge.

40 DIY Wine Cork Projects

This keeps the marker from bleeding and helps the blush adhere to the surface. Then, just brush on some blush with a small brush to create those rosy cheeks.

Add blush to the cheeks and make the faces with a fine tip marker. Glue the heads onto the wine corks with a hot glue gun. Add twine around the neck and glue a loop of twine onto the back of the cork. Make a bow with the ribbon and glue it to the back to make the angle wings. These wine cork angels are so easy to make and would be the cutest addition to the outside of a gift or an easy craft for a group of friends to do. I hope you will make one or a few this holiday season!

These are so easy to make and look soooooooo cute!!

Wine Cork Topped Coffee Table

Wow, I love these little angels. I have a box of wine corks and now know what to do with them. Thank you soon much for the inspira. Cute little angels!

  1. 2. Wine Cork Ampersand Wall Art?
  2. La Croix de lOccident, tome 1 : Par ce signe, tu vaincras (Littérature Française) (French Edition).
  3. What would you like to do today?.

You have posted links connected to your supplies list Thank you! I bought some and received them today. Or maybe the corks you bought were smaller? Add some flair to your decor with a wine cork monogram. Give your kitchen a new look with a wine cork backsplash. Love this!

If you have hundreds of wine corks saved, try your hand at this wine cork bath mat. Add wine corks knobs to your drawers for a rustic look. Wine cork garden markers will come in handy this spring!


Make bungee cord ties to keep your cables and wires neat and tidy. Need an extra keychain or two? Use them as spools to store smaller segments of twine, yarn or floss. Recycle some of your wine corks to make wine charms. Or make a wine cork vase instead. Make a tic tac toe game for the kiddos. How cute is that? Here are even more wine cork crafts for kids. Make these wine cork earrings to give as gifts, or keep them for yourself. Are you kicking yourself for throwing out your wine corks yet?